"Developing upon his earlier four track EP under the name Baretta Hydrant/Sprout producer Jeff Allen returns with a full length of similar improvised down tempo. This material, marked by thicker production leans more towards the fusion/funk hop/future soul of recent Northern English producers. The straightforward percussion section embodies the spirit of a studio drummer laying down pocket grooves, yet is all the while entirely electronic. Analog piano and organ-like leads and melodies compliment the fat, warm bass lines which provide the structure below. Moods vary from that of school yards during recess to sparse, brooding spaces, and many shades in between. In short, bittersweet. This release continues on with how Emanate is about quality music that doesn't need to fit into a particular genre. Fans of early Pork Recordings, Baby Mammoth, Fila Brazilia, won't want to miss this." (label info)
in stock | US| 2000| m-/m-| EMANATE | 6.00

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