"This animation tells the animated tale of Barkley and that dog's life with his band the Barnyard Critters. Barkley is a rocker and goes through the usual tribulations of band life, quits the band and goes on a drunken voyage of discovery into a sea of confusion. While away the evil record label (IM Fang) finds a devilishly constructed replacement. Watch as Barkley combs his way back to the battle of the bands and lays it all on the line. Animation on the this release is hand drawn in parts, uses 3-D animation in others, and features live action characters in exciting sequences reminiscent of the Banana Splits. This will appeal to fans of the Cartoon Network, Spongebob, and the like." (label info) special offer
in stock | US| 2006| LOAD RECORDS | 4.90

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