"Barry Andrewsin Disko is a pseudonymn of Jukka Herva. Hailing from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the current home of Santa Claus, Jukka now lives now in Turku, Finland. Barry Andrewsin Disko (Barry Andrews' Disco) doesn't have anything to do with the keyboard player of XTC or the Irish politician of the same name. The moniker comes from Christmas albums Jukka made as a teenager as presents for his buddies, a wryly humorous acronym that belies the care and attention to detail that has become synonymous with the name. These are the roots of his music that you can now hear on his debut album 'Kuka siellä?' ('Who's there?'). B.A.D.'s music is a multilayered, wobbly, hissy, filtered take on pop. Jukka utilizes a variety of instruments, from 80s synths, to samplers, drum machines, drums, cassettes and guitars to name a few. In Finland he is often cited as being a cross between Risto and Paavoharju. He also shares similarities with the open-hearted pastoral psychedelia of Syd Barrett (or perhaps more specifically cult Finnish psych legend Pekka Streng) and Animal Collective in their most lo-fi form." (label info)
in stock | FI| 2012| FONAL | 13.90

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