"Only the best sample art/music manipulation comes from our local friends from the Gigante Sound label (associated with former kzsu dj, The Bawd, if I might add). Another great release by this really intense incredible outfit, here they twist familiar 60s pop sentiments into a folded spindled and manipulated vestige of the era. For fans of their Motown Meltdown, Tipsy, with regards to musical sample art, then People Like Us, Negativeland etc for sheer mastery of manipulative weirdness. Heavy sample manipulation but the moral of the story lies in good guitar playing, bass, drums, keys, noise, etc., and top notch mixing/production/mastering. If vocals appear they are only as additional instrumental weirdness. Check this out, as well as anything else on this local label that is doing The Bay Area justice, picking up the torch where Ralph Records left off." (Your Imaginary Friend KSZU 90.1FM)
in stock | US| 2010| GIGANTE SOUND | 12.90

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