one corner of cover is bent from transport "These three signature pieces use snippets of speech which are gradually deconstructed to create abstract textures, interweaving vocals with percussive and sustained noises. La ba-balle du chien-chien à la me-mère (2001) is a playful take on the way that we speak in a childlike way to pets. A brief narrative at the start invites the listener into this 'pet speak' scene, with the sound of footsteps and chatter. These gradually crescendo and morph into a cacophonous swirling explosion. Deux Dents Dehors (2007) is a pun on Bernard Parmegiani's piece Dedans Dehors (1977), composed for his birthday. It takes snippets of lively vernacular and processes these into complex patterns of unintelligible and unrecognisable speech sounds, in sustained or percussive sequences. Heullas Entreveradas (Intertwined footprints) (2018) is a new commission that transforms vocal sounds into choral textures which fragment, granulate and transform into continuous whorls and tidal washes interspersed with her trademark short silences." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2020| m/vg+| PERSISTENCE OF SOUND | 19.90

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