"The tracks bought together on this release feature many of the live jams and improvisations they immersed themselves in over those short summer nights almost 15 years ago. The sessions are represented here as they were laid down. No post production, overdubs or re-editing; you just get to hear the simple interplay of TR808, TR909, MS-20, Pro-One, Frontline X2, Yamaha TX802, etc... spontaneously in the mix as it was performed in 1995. Beautifully 'out of hand' these runaway compositions breath gently without the urgency of a lot of newer computer music. Sometimes the sounds are barely contained by the analogue filters and patch leads, but the instinctive touch of David and Kingsuk find ways topull it back and tame the circuits." (label info) edition of 500 copies, tt: 25'15 minutes.
in stock | DE| 2009| BINEMUSIC | 9.90

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