"bellows is the duo of giuseppe ielasi and nicola ratti and "handcut" is their second project. originally released on lp on alga marghen / planam, this cd reissue is expanded with 23 minutes of unreleased material recorded one year after the first sessions. for "handcut", bellows used a simple technique of cutting / destroying and amplifying vinyl records with contact microphones, creating new grooves and physical loops while capturing the sounds on a revox tape machine with long tapeloops. no further processing or transformations were applied apart for a couple of effect pedals and sine waves. a sort of atmospheric and modern electronic music recorded at the beginning of the twentieth century on 78rpm shellac records. the lp version of "handcut" was featured on the wire magazine list of the best releases of 2010. letterpressed sleeve printed by Ben Owen / Middle Press. photographic insert by Amedeo Martegani. edition of 220 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| SENUFO EDITIONS | 13.90

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