""The Liverpool Song Lines" (22'57"): for many year Ben Patterson have been fascinated by the so-called "song lines" of the Australian Aborigine. Musically, theses songs for solo voice, sometimes accompanied by "beating-sticks", are not especially stirring for Western ears. Rather, for the artist, it is the concept underlying the text which is remarkable. These songs describe flora, fauna and places which are sacred in the mythology of the Aborigine. But these birds and trees and rivers and rocks are not imaginary or mythological inventions. Thus, if the set of songs is sung in the correct sequence, they link a series of landmarks in such a way as to provide an aural map, guiding the traveller from here to there in a trackless Australian "out-back". "The River Mersey" (23'14"): from Ellesmere Port to Bootle; or, from Bootle to Ellesmere Port; or, in both directions in the same time. The graphic score of this piece is a site-inspired, adaptation of Ben Patterson erly work, "Duo-1961, for Voice and String Player" (issued by Alga Marghen in Ben Patteron "Early Works" CD) for the performance with the Frakture Big Band at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, Tuesday 29 October 2002." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2002| AUDIO RESEARCH EDITION | 14.90

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