"Ben Vida's Damaged Particulates LP represents the conclusion of one body of work, Damaged Particulates, and the beginnings of a new long form project titled Reducing the Tempo to Zero. The version of Damaged Particulates (2012-2016) included in this LP is the final iteration of a piece that Vida has been developing for close to four years. It first materialized as a number of individual synthesizer studies under the title Damaged Parts. These studies became the source material for an early version of DPs, taking shape as a commissioned work for the Unsound Festival. For the commission the piece coalesced as a single, through-composed live sound installation that utilized tactile sub- bass speakers which interfaced directly with the audiences bodies. In this form Damaged Particulates was presented at festivals, galleries and museums including versions at Experimental Intermedia, New York, Cricoteka Museum, Krako´w, Poland and Leap Gallery, Berlin. It has since been presented in live performance at Museo d 'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna and Electro´nica en Abril, Madrid and as a multi- channel defusion at the Akousma Festival, Montreal." label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| SHELTER PRESS | 19.90

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