"Toile de sons (which means 'Web of Sounds') is the impressive debut-CD by Bernard Donzel-Gargand, a French composer of electro-acoustic music. The four tracks on this CD offer some truly wonderful and subtle combinations of electronic sounds and field recordings. In some ways Bernard Donzel-Gargand is a story-teller as his pieces work like complex tales. It's amazing how light-handedly he connects (oral) tradition, the sound of the 'now' and hallucinated dream(t) sequences to his very own musical expression. Still curious, that it took so long for him to release his full-length debut CD. Hopefully Toile des Sons will interest a larger audience - not only in France - in this remarkable composer and unique story-teller." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2000| PLATE LUNCH | 4.90

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