""Poème-Partition X" was created by Bernard Heidsieck during 1960 and recorded in October the same year. A few excerpts of the 1st and 4th movements were performed on November 22nd, 1960 at the Quatre Saisons Gallery in Paris, during the Festival of Avant-Garde Art. "Poème-Partition X" might be considered Heidsieck's first major work, whose duration (more than 40 minutes long) never allowed the author to give a public reading of it. Its destination was a record (released by alga marghen in 1996, starting the VocSon LP series)! alga marghen is proud to now present this new edition of "Poème-Partition X", extended to the CD format and included in a luxury 96 pages hardbound book, limited to 350 numbered copies. The book reproduces for the first time the complete score, a visual wonder and a major experimental printed work. Bernard Heidsieck memories of an historic lecture at the Jean Tinguely atelier is included as an introduction, as well as his testimony on Ian Sommerville and Brion Gysin's "Dream Machine". Also on the CD is a lecture of extracts of "Poème-Partition X" accompanied by the saxophone of the American painter Larry Rivers. This recording from 1962 was not included in the LP edition and is here presented for the first time." (label info) Edition of 350 copies.
in stock | IT| 2009| ALGA MARGHEN | 39.90

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