"Bernd Lohaus (1940 in Düsseldorf; + 5. November 2010 in Antwerpen) was a German artist (living in Antwerp/Belgium) mainly known for his sculptures, usually made of heavy found wood which he minimally changed (by carving in one word poems for example). He was a student of Joseph Beuys and together with Hugo Heyrman, Panamarenko and Wout Vercammen one of the first "Happeners" during the 1960's in Belgium, organising street performances in the centre of Antwerp. They published "Happening news" and together with Anny De Decker, Bernd Lohaus started one of the first Belgian avant garde galleries "Wide White Space", where they showed work by James Lee Byars, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers and other knallers! This one-sided record carries a recording of an early performance by Bernd Lohaus, recorded during a happening in his exhibition "El nacimiento del huevo" at "Sala de exposiciones de la asociacion cultural iberoamericana de Madrid" between 30/01/1965 and 04/02/1965. Absurd poetry meets Spanish lessons, meets dead silence meets sound poetry meets surrealism. While in Spain in this period Bernd rang the doorbell of Salvator Dali, this visit must have had a big inpact on him. The photo's of a young Bernd that come with this lp will show you why. Comes in a fold open silkscreened cover with photos from the Bernd Lohaus stichting, + comes with a extra risographed insert. Limited to 200 copies, and made in conjunction with the beautiful exhibition of Bernd Lohaus at Mac's in Grand-Hornu (23/06/2013 till 06/10/2013)." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2013| ULTRA ECZEMA | 22.90

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