"It is difficult to find out how long Big City Orchestra have been exploring their own world of sounds in the matter of surprising listeners with each and every release, but it is safe to say that they are one of the big legends from the 70s still releasing on Vinyl, CD and tape - and after an uncountable amount of releases (I bet there is no one in the world owning all BCO releases, must be around 500+), Voluntary Whores is very proud to present their newest addition to the cassette roster: "6 fairy tales", being buried almost 12 years in our office (back in Dusseldorf then), comes as a bi-colored C-60 audio cassette, including an oriental object, packed in a 21+21cm oversized artwork and limited to 120 copies. This time dAS and Ninah add even more obscurities to their sound world - a rhythmic unexplainable maelstrom of oriental workouts and atmospheres, combined with drones not from this world. Hard to explain stylistically, always following their own rules in the mystic world of UB. A must-have cassette!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| VOLUNTARY WHORES | 7.90

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