"Guitarist Bill Horist from Seattle is most well known for his solo work and for playing with Masters Musicians of Bukkake (with Alan Bishop and Charlie Gocher of Sun City Girls), Bill Frisell, Chris Corsano, C Spencer Yeh, KK Null and lots more. Musically, he is known for his ability to shift and merge free jazz, blues, prepared guitar and avant manipulations... on "The Signal Index" though, he goes mostly for the latter: beautifully prepared, plucked, bowed, droned guitar that immediately takes you to a trance state. Various layers and textures cross and overlap, from subtle electronics producing little sketched melodies at times, to an electric fog of thick bagpipe-like drones and harmonic-rich sustains. Both instinct and controlled gestures here, like going on a trip where you know you've got all you need, but don't quite know where you're headed. The result is psychedelic and soothing, with just the right amount of disorientation. A catharsis for your ears! Grey imprinted tapes & double printed 3-panel Jcards, with artwork by Brooklyn artist MP Landis. Edition of 100." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2012| ULTRAMARINE | 6.50

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