"In conjunction with Bill Nace's passing through Antwerp for his gig at 'Ultra Eczema's Houten Kamer Muziek' (22/05/2024 at De Studio, with Soetkin Elbers), we are putting out a second volume of short, beautiful sound clips Nace records on a daily basis on an iPhone 8, either as source/sketch ideas for duo collaboration with Diagram: A, sketches for solo releases or Full Size songs or just practice/random field recordings. None of these recordings were originally intended for release. These recordings show a raw, no bs basement side to Bill Nace' vision. From lap guitar molesting over outdoors birdwatching, straight to Iggy's approval! This is the second in a series of UE event connected one sided LP's, limited to 115 numbered copies, comes in a plastic inner sleeve, picture disc style, with a silkscreen on the flip side and a silkscreened cardboard sleeve." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2024| ULTRA ECZEMA | 29.90

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