"It is with great honour that Double Six plays host to the release of Lemondale by Bill Wells. The recording was a triumph in itself and testament to Wells' particularly fruitful relationship with the Japanese underground. Assembling fourteen musicians for one day in Tokyo, including Jim 'O Rourke on guitar, the event was described as 'a miracle' by Takuji Aoyagi (Kama Aina) one of the musicians on the record, so remarked for bringing together musicians and schools of music that would be thought to be incompatible even appearing on a bill for a live event, let alone playing on the same record. Tori Kudo, self proclaimed Japanese 'King Of Error' was coupled with virtuoso pianist Satoko Fuji, a classically trained graduate of Berkley Music College in Boston. The recording also brought together instruments as seemingly incongruent and unrelated as a modified electric fan played by Tetsuya Umeda and the entirely unique and heavenly voices of Saya, from 'Tenniscoats' and Kazumi Nikaido, one of Japan's leading contemporary vocalists. It simultaneously captures the attendant excitement of a first collaborative encounter and the confidence that comes only from artists at the top of their craft. It is casual and intimate and alive with a charmingly human and playful spirit, of the kind that most music listeners long to be touched by." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| m-/m-| DOMINO | 10.00

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