"Oh dear Lord... NO! Just when the heavy meds were kicking in and I was beginning to think there might be some kinda universal point to all this working and eating and sleeping, Birchville Cat Motel re-adjusts the good/evil ratio back. Thanks. No really, thanks a lot. You'll no doubt be as delighted as I am to hear this is NOT the new Black Boned Angel album, in fact Mr Cat Motel himself told me this has "more to with W.A.S.P, 'Kill Em All' styled too-tight denim, and big white sneakers than the ceremonial pre-historicism of the current neo-doom movement". PRE-HISTORICISM?! What a dick. These prowling, growling eruptions of frantic thrash'o'delia will surely attract babes like a burning tyre scented aftershave. Is that a twin guitar solo in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2007| BATTLECRUISER | 6.00

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