"Three CD live retrospective covering 1998-2006 and including shows in New Zealand, Japan, Denmark and Scotland. Chronologically organized, the album also shows the evolution of Birchville's sound from the mid '90s slowly emerging drone-fields (and use of found sounds) to the more dynamic sound we have come to know from the more recent releases such as Beautiful Speck Triumph and Chi Vampires. For Campbell Kneale, this release is a 3-hour aural report on the state of things, capturing the full spirit of what he's accomplished over the past 10 years. In doing so, he's assembled the best possible overview of his work under one title, without rehashing any material from previous releases. Thus, what we have here is a 3 disc best-of, featuring all new material! Packaged in a custom vinyl wallet (versus a traditional jewel case)." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| LAST VISIBLE DOG | 22.90

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