"Issue 2 features Uncle Jim setting everyone straight on what words not use in record reviews, the second installment of Climax Golden Twin Rob Millis' column "Talking Machine" in which he talks about 78 rpm records, part two of former Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop's Indian travelogue from this summer, Keith NNCK's Charlie Nothing obituary, an interview with Robert Haigh of Sema, Fote and The Truth Club, an interview with Phil Minton by Canadian writer Allan MacInnis, Jesse Paul Miller on his habit of collecting "bad" records, former Muckraker publisher Patrick Marley talking about his latest listening in the column "Nickels and Dimes", reviews of vinyl, cassettes, compacts discs, books and DVDs, both new and old - 56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", b&w 500 copies printed." (label info) CLEARANCE SALE
in stock | US| 2007| ANOMALOUS | 1.50

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