"Mille Plateaux is gone, out of the ashes is a new label, MillePlateauxMedia. There will be a new focus on high-end (and higher priced) multi-media releases, such as this CD/DVD Bizz Circuits release. Lush, fold-out gatefold packaging. "Nishbar Li Ha'Zayin is the first in a series of releases, virtual and real-life based actions and artistic statements, which aim to establish a network of artists, where creative confrontations are possible. Intifada Offspring is looking for spaces devoid of walls, barbed wires, dogmatic barriers and prejudices. It is trying to find a basis of communication and work, which breaks through the limitations of categories such as: Jew and Arab, Jewish and Muslim, Israeli and Palestinian. This approach aims to set up an ongoing process of establishing various joints and independent artistic co-productions, which will be documented on this site." All MPM DVD's will be 2 sided (PAL & NTSC, region 0) for world-wide use."
in stock | DE| 2004| MILLE PLATEAUX MEDIA | 9.90

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