NILSEN, BJ & Z'EV - 22'22" (CD)

"The atmospheric impact of the collaboration of BJNilsen and Z'ev is massive. Their genius is the power of drone and the beauty of trance. They build atmospheres that are at the same time disturbing, meditative and enjoyable. The atmosphere I am talking about is of course deep and dark, and it's hitting the spine hard. It's hard not to listen to the album in it's full bloom. We're hearing killer drone music here. In '22.22', we see something natural happening. I want it to continue. I don't want it to stop here. It's too intense and beautiful to stop here. Maybe it is that feeling that makes this album so great to me. The fear of this is it. BJNilsen is a true master of the drone and together with Z'ev's magical percussion - the '22.22' album is no less than a true contemporary masterpiece. iDEAL is proud to be part of such beautiful work. '22.22' is building. Filling space. Making it all worth while." (label info) Total playing time 67'17".
in stock | SE| 2007| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 12.90

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