"Bjørn Svin is unique. Full stop. And with "Browen" he has succeeded in creating an album that deviates from sounding like anything else within the contemporary electronic scene, as well as marking a new era in Bjørn's versatile work as a composer. In spite of intense activity it has in fact been nine years since Bjørn Svin sprayed vitamins into the Danish techno scene by releasing an album, "Kan Tropisk" from 2001. Although he is still able to deliver aggressive techno the pace on "Browen" has been turned down remarkably, even to such a degree that many will be surprised that Bjørn Svin is behind it. "Browen" has musical references to electronic pioneers like Raymond Scott and Morton Subotnick while the Sheffield Sound of the 90's (Warp Records, Autechre), early Aphex Twin and Cristian Vogel's wry swinging techno also can be felt. Mood-wise Bjørn himself mentions Mozart, Steve Reich, Ligeti, Ella Fitzgerald and African singer/songwriters as Baaba Maal and Rokia Traoré as inspiration." (label info)
in stock | DÄN| 2010| RUMP | 14.90

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