"black manual was formed in 2012 after jan st. werner had heard the percussionists valdir jovenal, juninho quebradeira and leo leandro play at a candomble ceremony in berlin kreuzberg. he invited the musicians to a session based on some of his abstract drafts of electronic music. without missing a beat the brazilians translated werner's musical language into the afro-brazilian rhythms of the candomble. the ensemble gave their first concert at the institut für raumexperimente in the course of the 'great world fair' in june 2012. a year later and after realizing a live radio composition for the bayerische rundfunk in werner's 'asymmetrical studio' at the kunstverein munich, the band went to a recording studio. together with his colleague andi toma, with whom jan st. werner had made a name as 'mouse on mars', he mixed this unholy conglomerate of frigidly staged disorders, digital fragments, samples, broken melodies and the vibrant, tugging sub-bass caprices of the brazilian 'voodoo' rhythms - 'a fala dos atabaques' ('speech of the drums'): with violence and passion as if they were trying to force the gates to transcendence open. thus, on 'mordendo' creations of electronic music meet concrete afro-brazilian sound patterns - the dynamics of speaker compositions intertwine with special 'toques', drum beat sequences also found in samba and candomble ... sounds rear up, diffuse, and rhythms dissolve into tones thereby creating a 'total music'. a performance between concert and ceremony: when the three percussionists from recife, and jan st. werner really cut loose, challenging and tempting each other, then worlds collide making the earth tremble! then the black gods of africa are also near as if they were amusing themselves or trying to dance with the christian hallows... 'o tempo Z fora do comum!' or 'the time is out of joint!'' (label info) comes in dvd size cover
in stock | DE| 2013| BRIGADE COMMERZ | 12.90

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