"The Black Motor on Sagittarius (after their 1st qbico release)! probably one of best & more respected free music outfit in Europe right now, for sure they rules in Finland and especially in their own town, Tampere where they even have i think a bi-monthly night called Black Motor Klubi at legendary Club Telakka... it's for sure one of the tightest group i know of, having the chance to play a lot together and this is clearly manifest when you hear their unfocused playing... their most mature work to date?! the fierceful album's title composition occupy all side A and it's a wild affair, while the three pieces which make up the B side are a different deal: meditative and joyfull in the moods." (label info) Sami Sippola- tenor and baritone sax, Ville Rauhala- bass, Simo Laihonen- drums
in stock | IT| 2012| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 17.90

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