"British noise wizard Nyoukis (from, among others, Prick Decay) and partner in crime Karen Constance combine to let rip under the name Blood Stereo. The pair set about their work in subtle way. Instead of loud eruptions of noise they set out to create the most quietly disturbing of soundscapes. Think an innocent walk in a Transylvanian mountain village or a Blair Witch forest or any other godforsaken place where your only companions are the whispering voices hell-bent on driving you insane and the howling wind. Listen to 'The Magnetic Headache' with your headphones to feel the sounds dripping through your eardrum and crawling up your brainstem. On the last track, honorary guest Neil Campbell aka Astral Social Club sprinkles a little stardust into your stereo - a much-needed, soul-cleansing coda after such an ominous head trip." (label info) Comes in a 'envelope' packaging, designed and handprinted by Jason Dodge & Christine Roland in an edition of 250 copies. "The Magnetic Headache" is also the title of an exhibition of Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis' art work at the Luettgenmeijer gallery (Berlin). 2008 release.
in stock | DE| 2008| BOTTROP-BOY | 14.90

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