"Bob Bellerue is a New York based composer, sound activist and artist. His, to us, highly important releases "Brokelyn" (LP, Love Earth Music 2014) and "Damned Piano" (2LP, Anarchymoon Recordings 2015) were quietly released and distributed but left a deep impact on everyone it reached. The iDEAL office were very happy to receive an offer to release more piano manipulations by mr Bellerue, further examples of one of the most interesting electro-acoustic noise artists active today. His actions for his exciting End Tymes festival in Brooklyn are also noted, this is one of the most breath taking fests alive today. Recorded by Bob Bellerue on 12 May 2017 at Issue Project Room on a Yamaha CFIIIS PE grand piano, with speakers, amps, pickups, contact mics, microphones, pedals, a laptop running Supercollider, mixers, and cables." (label info) edition of 200 copies
in stock | SE| 2017| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 16.90

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