"The LiederBooks series brings together a collection of songs, lieder and chansons. Recorded in the last 40 years by different ensembles, they have only one thing in common, to be sung by Dietmar Bonnen. Combined in a new way, the result is fresh perspectives in terms of music and content. The retrospective is complemented by one or two new productions for the respective LiederBook. In addition to Bonnens own pieces, LiederBook vol V will feature interpretations of music by such diverse composers as David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa as well as settings of lyrics by Consuelo Sañudo and Iggy Pop, among others. The metaphor of water is present in several pieces, both lyrically and acoustically. While the A-side begins with the sluice and ends with the jump into the bathtub, the B-side fade away with a thunderstorm. The LiederBooks are published exclusively on vinyl. On the one hand to pay homage to the medium of musical socialisation, on the other hand to pick up the "musical" form of the LP, an album of two arcs of about 20 minutes each." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2023| OBST | 24.90

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