"The Cracow band Bordo had spent ten years underground untill it lived to see its desired album. During that time it shrouded in legend and became one of the most mysterious phenomenon on the Polish rock stage. Vocalist and bass-player Robert Stobbe is its "brain". He formed Bordo in the middle of the nineties to collaborate with his friends and fulfill his musical visions. Since the beginning music of the group was stretched between psychedelic rock and post-punk new wave. First two releases - Brzmi wewnatrz (1999) and Nowa kolekcja (2001) appeared on CD-R and were sold out during Bordo's concerts. It quickly came out that enthusiasts of gloomy sounds made the band an object of their cult. When in 2001 female vocalist left the group, leader himself took over the microphone. Then, the material Komu mam to powiedziec? was published by the resilient Warsaw label MonotypeRec. The content sums up Bordo's past experiences and is supplemented with some new elements. Solid bass, originating from again popular Joy Division's productions, is the band sound basis. It is surrounded by a rough guitar, which once calls the echoes of The Velvet Underground's garage chords and another time, subjected to the bizarre adapter, reminds the kraut-rock experiments." (label info)
in stock | POL| 2005| MONOTYPE RECORDS | 13.90

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