2016 special edition "This is the brand new CD edition of Charcoal featuring artwork from the vinyl reissue. It also includes the bonus track featured on the vinyl release - a reworking of In The Androgynous Dark by Nest." (label info) "Brambles is the solo project of Mark Dawson. A lot of this material was recorded during his stay at "The Painted Palace", a communal house in Melbourne open to all manner of creative outsiders. Crucially, the house also played home to a piano; during the night-time this was where Brambles sat, working out melodies and making recordings into the small hours. Sometimes the piano is at the forefront, while at other times it plays a support role to plucked and bowed strings, haunted woodwind instruments, whispered field recordings and distant chimes. This is undeniably a night-time album, it has that still, peaceful quality to it, the same you get when you walk down a deserted street at night. And despite the slow pace, the music rarely seems melancholic - there's a sense of contentedness which pervades the album from beginning to end. Other points of reference include the afore-mentioned Keith Kennif under his Goldmund guise, the score to Donnie Darko by Michael Andrews, Serein label-mates Nest as well as Peter Broderick during his more sombre moments." (label info for the original 2012 release)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2016| SEREIN | 13.90

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