2023 repress "Sweet post-punk, with a heartfelt reggae/funk influence, analog dub effects and lovely femme-vox. A unique slice of late-70s/early-80s goodness, starring Brenda Ray, whose previous release on EM Records, Walatta, has been embraced by a large number of listeners. Recorded in North West England, D'Ya Hear Me! is a wide-ranging release, with lovely vocal tracks, warm dubs and pleasingly odd instrumentals, all knitted together with a special trans-Atlantic rhythmic sense. Far from media-crazed London, Naffi created a musical world free from lust for the spotlight, focusing solely on the music, and the results are fittingly pure. Appeal to the listeners of D.I.Y. / post-punk / Reggae funk crossover dub-up, also to fans of New Age Steppers, the Slits, Pop Group and Young Marble Giants." (label info)
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in stock | JP| 2023| EM RECORDS | 23.90

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