"An out-of-nowhere release from an intriguing one-man studio project, Cassia Fistula is Sydney based Brendan Walls' debut solo outing. Utilizing prepared and found sound objects, Walls has invented a concentrated, enveloping and a truly transcendent electroacoustic sound palette. Cassia Fistula comprises of three distinctive tonal explorations that are truly hallucinatory. Tumultuous and shifting yet gargantuan and immovable, these works create a state where movement and stasis co-exist. Unfolding the monumental within the intimate, the results are beautiful, surrealist, organic blocks of sound. A man to watch. CD in miniature gatefold jacket. Design by Tina Frank & Judith Scheikl of URL" (labelinfo)
in stock | US| 2002| IDEA RECORDS | 5.90

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