"Anderegg's two previous releases on the Brooklyn based label Apestaartje, Anomia and When Rectangles Roll Under Cities, combine field recordings, electronics and acoustic instruments to create a strong sense of environmental space and structure. While there is definitely a thread of isolation and strong sense of experimental music apparent in Falling Air this album is an entirely different affair. Elements such as voice, acoustic guitar, banjo, violin, Rhodes, organ, piano, accordion, computer and various small instruments are interwoven into subtle yet complex arrangements at once defining a very personal style. Ranging from the noisy, ambient drone of 'The Open' to the haunting waltz and staccato delivery in 'Baby Bird' to the British folk inspired beauty of 'Rode, Riding To' this is an extremely diverse release but one which holds closely to a personal aesthetic that is informed, heartfelt and original." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| PSYCH-O-PATH | 5.00

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