"After School Activity was recorded in Oakland in 2003. The first two recordings come from Mills College, one recorded in a studio the other performed live, but it is the final track that provides the most vivid picture of what was occurring between the two musicians during this time. The third track entitled 'After School Activity' was recorded on Artship where the two access to record anywhere on the vessel they desired, it was the top deck that drew Toshimaru in. The work sits somewhere between a recording of a live event and a studio recording. By now we are well aware of the low-fi recording habits of Japanese experimental music fans, at underground gigs around Tokyo for example many audience members can be seen keenly capturing the event to minidisc. These records are full of the live sound of the venue, including sounds not associated with the music itself. Toshimaru Nakamura is well known internationally for his 'no-input mixing board.' He has developed an often copied style with this instrument and is a sought after collaborator. Canadian Brett Larner performs, composes, teaches and improvises on the koto. For years he lived in Tokyo where he split his time between the contemporary koto and electroacoustic improvisation scenes." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2003| IMPERMANENT | 13.90

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