"Broken Hands is probably the closest thing I've had to a 'band' in a long, long time. Okay, so it's only two people on guitar and we never actually 'wrote' any songs. But even though we're an improvising duo I always felt that we were making songs. We never deliberated over techniques and approaches; we just played music, songs that vanished as quickly as they came. Unless they found their way onto tape. That cold November night we met with our friends from the Lucky Rabbit. Another 'band' like us: just two people with some sort of understanding between them that clicked. That's how I saw it, anyway. You just know when it's a band or not. Maybe it was just that we gave ourselves names. However you call it, I'm very happy to release this live radio session on cd. It was a final meeting together before one of us flew back to Australia. A send-off across the ocean, broadcast on air (and through underground internet wires). A session saying goodbye to London, who was outside feeling cold and waiting for a crowded bus. So we played open songs, as if sitting round a fire with drinks in our hands, telling stories like it was music." (label info)
in stock | GB| 2005| TWOTHOUSANDAND | 10.90

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