"Germany may be known for engineering and its electronic music scene but barely for alternative country music. But wait! Give a listen to Broken Radio, a band from the Munich area that has been committed to that genre for years. "The future of country music" as an Australian blog recently raved about Broken Radio's 2010 download-only release "High Fidelity". Broken Radio is a project by Klaus Patzak, a pioneer of alt-country and folk on Germany's influential Hausmusik label (see also below). He has been a steady contributor to the label's catalog over the years. Now Hausmusik proudly announces the release of "It's Only Fool's Gold", the new album by Broken Radio, available as CD and download. A heavy dose of pedal steel, reverby guitars and Hammond organ, occasional string arrangements and and loads of electronic effects are the basic ingredients that make up Broken Radio's complex and eclectic sound. Patzak plays all the instruments and all the computers, which he considers to be instruments by themselves. Samples, loops and all sorts of sounds are processed into distinct and sometimes unconventional arrangements. His songwriting is deeply influenced by American songwriters from the 60s until today. The eleven originals on "It's Only Fool's Gold" are rounded up by a cover of "El Dorado" - a tribute to Patzak's late friend, Texan singer-songwriter Whitey Ray Huitt. This wonderful tune would make the perfect soundtrack for a road trip from the Bavarian Alps down to the Mexican border." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| HAUSMUSIK | 10.90

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