"Broken Record Chamber was inaugurated in September 1998, barely moments after the smoke and debris were cleared in the wake of a momentous double bill featuring Otomo Yoshihide, Martin Tetrault and Ruins. Since that time Broken Record Chamber have participated in the Taking Wing Improvised Music Series, and have performed live over the air waves from the studios of Vancouver's cooperative radio station (CFRO). They have also been prominently featured on CBC Radio's 'Brave New Waves.' Like true grandchildren of McLuhan, BRC are at home in the global village, where instant access to all things electric is the norm. Drawing from acid jazz funk to pop rock, from punk to ambient electronic to improvisation, and from large ensemble jazz to 20th century classical, the diverse and combined talents of Jim Black, Jess Conn-Potegal and Ben Wilson have coalesced into a categorical no-man's land: an urban/environmental, signal-to-noise, DIY improv-ambient adventure kit." (label info) Jim Black, guitar, electronics, Ben Wilson, drum machine, electronics, Jess Conn-Potegal, turntables, keys, electronics.
in stock | CA| 1998| SPOOL | 9.90

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