"'ALIENACUSTICA' is a superb collection of works by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) as you have never heard before. Forget all MCIAA's noise records... this is a totally different affair: starting from January 2006 they have released 3 unusual, completely acoustic works, all in limited and sold-out editions. The different approach to these works shows another side of the Opalio brothers' musical universe: all of the electric guitars and electronic effects that have been characterizing My Cat Is An Alien from the beginning are here left aside to give space to classical and acoustic guitar strings, and to Roberto's "human" voice as a primordial instrument. Indeed, they decided to collect these precious gems under the pseudonym of BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER SPACE, so to point out how much these works are "alien" to the rest of their immense corpus of work." (label info) CD1: ROBERTO OPALIO / MAURIZIO OPALIO 'In The Middle Of The Air / Glacier Sommeiller', CD2: MAURIZIO & ROBERTO OPALIO 'Liquid Spring', CD3: MY CAT IS AN ALIEN 'Folclore Alieno'.
in stock | IT| 2012| ELLIPTICAL NOISE | 26.90

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