"Weird Forest drops the debut 12" from Sacramento's newest, best-kept, filthy secret. Buk Buk Bigups was created as an avenue for Aaron Zeff to explore the outer parameters of popular and experimental music. Influenced by industrial tones, kraut rock rhythms and disco humor, Zeff takes the forgotten sounds of 1999 pre-Brooklyn Sacramento and reinvigorates the disco-not-disco formula with some guitar freakazoid dead-pan party anthems and fried mutant bedroom funk. The A-side, "Hot Mess", gives a nod to DFA-style production through chopped high-end riddim, but with a classic vibe: Manzanera's "Primitive Guitar"-era axe soaring solos, Roger Troutman's blunted affected vocals, and unconscious "Dirty Mind" cat-calls. "Endless Itch", the B-side, is a lurching oxycotin-laced slow burner not straying too far from a funkier version of Factums or a subdued Gary War, but channeling Bay Area legends Tuxedomoon. We've already coined the default genre descriptor for your blog: "plastic brown-eye soul" or, if you like, "valley downer funk"." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| WEIRD FOREST | 8.90

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