ASYMPTOMATIC AFRICAN POLYRHYTHMIC ELECTRONICA "Beyond any connotations of sleeve and title lingers the animating principle, the phenomenological vectors of 'groove' as the intrinsic attribute of regular harmonic motion patterns.This formulaic principle is customarily based on the unimpeachable law of the octave. It appears repetitive, or circular in nature as opposed to linear and progressive. Such a formula is derived from a recurrent, balanced body movement from which every impulse originates as something sensed, as opposed to being subject to mind, will or notation. What sounds merely technical in theory turns out to be basal in practice. It can also be grasped as an energy structure as it yields stable interrelated time intervals with the least expenditure of energy." (label info) The record can be played at 33 and 45 rpm
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2023| NONPLACE | 19.90

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