"If it's a question of deciding which drummer has remained most influential up to the present day, then JAKI LIEBEZEIT is surely one of the most interesting candidates. Together with BURNT FRIEDMAN in the third, and most uncompromising, instalment of Secret Rhythms, they continue to pursue a vision of new music. The seven instrumental titles of SR3 dispense with soloist actions and dominant actors. All the voices and elements, which perform a circling movement forward like links in a chain, enjoy equal rights. The material finally emerges in the concentrated form of a 5-10 minute song, exploring territory beyond the current style reproductions, that is to say: remote from retro or recycling! Secret Rhythms 3 was tapped from the instruments with the maximum possible degree of immediacy, and psychedelized by FRIEDMANS notorious dub technique." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| NONPLACE | 14.90

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