"With its non-placed devices and hard-to-pin-down aesthetic falling between electronic and psychedelic music and the warm-hued sounds of traditional acoustic instruments, Burnt Friedman's Zokuhen ('second edition'), produced exclusively for vinyl, may be considered an extension (or second instalment) of Bokoboko (non33, released in February 2012). On this new double EP, too, the music focuses on uneven rhythms that dictate the groove for all the participating musical elements and display a formal logic to which all the instruments gladly succumb. With its even rhythm and proximity to dub reggae, the track 'Kon Ki' shows that exceptions from the rule are permitted among the six new tracks and two re-worked Bokoboko themes that round off this follow-up." (label info) feat. Jaki Liebezeit, Hayden Chisholm, Joseph Suchy
in stock | DE| 2012| NONPLACE | 16.47

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