"Looking to new horizons, producer Peter Körfer and sound artist Georg Sehrbrock deactivated their long-standing music project Belgium and set off to break new ground. After having grown together in an organic process, Sehrbrock & Koerfer, architects of electronic soundscapes, have reinvented themselves as Byggesett Orchestra (Norwegian for construction-set-orchestra), for which this duo serves as basis and core. "Wild Birch", Byggesett's debut album, is an interplay of ambient jazz and film noir soundtracks, which remains a vital cornerstone of their approach, and new influences (Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Editions Mego, Kranky, Fripp/Eno, Canterbury) fuel the creation of a sound which is mature and protean. Hypnotic, dark and forcefully bone-dry drones, elegant loops, minimal sound layers and free-form riffs clash with radically structured passages, heavy soundscapes and driving percussions, creating jagged panoramas of sound while orchestrating all disparate parts together to form a contemporary pyrotechnic melange. Limited edition of 300 copies." (label info)  
in stock | DE| 2014| NOT ON LABEL | 16.90

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