"Audiobulb's motto is 'Exploratory Electronic Music'. It's an apt description for Simon Kealoha's third album as Calika. Exploring the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music, you're as likely to hear a strummed guitar as a sine wave here. That's hardly new in itself, but 'Seedling Mother' isn't your typically chilled out folktronica record. This is a dark, jazzy affair with fractured rhythms and a heavy, oppressive ambience. Nowhere is this clearer than on the title track, with its sampled argument between a teenager and his pregnant girlfriend. There's an uneasy, voyeuristic shiver to it, but it's compelling all the same. The problem with making a record that conveys a dark mood so concisely is that it risks being drab and depressing itself. 'Seedling Mother' generally avoids this, but there are moments where it crosses the line into dreariness. For the most part though this is an impressive and immersive experience." (Clash Magazine) New price!
in stock | UK| 2007| AUDIOBULB | 10.90

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