"Calika is Simon Kealoha, who has previously worked with SeeFeels's Mark Clifford, and released material on Polyfusia. Small Talk Kills Me is a well-accomplished album, calling to minds such established artists as B. Fleischmann, Boards of Canada and the more electronic side of Mum. Subtle and unassuming cut and paste electronica is used to its maximum effect, containing heaped beats and samples to create a wonderfully mature sound. The album becomes familiar very quickly, only adding to its charm and although complex in it's mixed up layers, is remarkably accessible. 5/4 Swansong mesmerises with hypnotising beats and miscellaneous found sounds, switching from organic to electronic, whilst Calm Laid Down Her Head to Have a Nightmare deconstructs into a gigantic buzz of sonic waves. Calika is simply sublime, and has barely left my cd player since I received it, shame on you who leave it undiscovered." (label info) Special price.
in stock | UK| 2007| AUDIOBULB | 9.90

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