"when the hotel is empty before the fire alarm goes off, one could question the staff - or the band that emptied it. cannibal like their icecream dark; one of their members makes gg allin look petite when visiting the restaurant, mixing it up with the restroom. this band is the result of a staff meeting between detroit-based book beatnik, toy thief and original destroy all monsters member cary loren; paris-based, californian visual artist and member of gobbler cameron jamie; and blankenberghe-based con-artist and footballteam manager dennis tyfus. this meeting resulted in several collage concerts - including a memorable gig at a wedding party where the members of cannibal outdressed the bride and the groom - and a previous record on the new york-based book/artist record publisher primary information. we find ourselves here, stuck at a rave where the dj only plays slide guitar on his eye phoam, backed-up by a poet that smells as bad as i do, and a baboon attempting to erect his snake maganga-style. two sidelong collages that drag you from the restroom to the ballroom, via the deepest armpits of the basement where the cramps used to do their sit-ups - with their wigs on." (label info) limited to 265 copies
in stock | BE| 2017| m-/m-| ULTRA ECZEMA | 18.00

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