"Cardopusher's long awaited second album is to be taken literally. Uniting a heavy but fresh blend of dubstep with exhilarating breakcore and mash up, Cardopusher delivers a passionate and highly efficient album as only this incomparable musician could deliver. Original, hot, anthemic, and masterfully executed. "Unity Means Power" is a coming of age and a perfect example of Cardopusher's current display of insolent talent. Three years have passed since the smashing and very remarked debut album by this then-Venezuela based musician on the Peace Off label. Followed by a couple of Eps, this warm mixture of breaks, samples and dancefloor tunes could somehow announce Cardopusher's later mutation. Starting with his "Down To The Wire" 12" (Terminal Dusk, 2008) Luis Garbán started to come up with slower tracks, which lead to a barrage of dubstep records on such labels as Hyperdub, Lo Dubs and Ruff. With one foot strongly set in the breakcore scene and the other making a much deserved splash in the dubstep one, Cardopusher may very well be the only producer who can work at the same time with such names as Sickboy and Rotator on the one hand, and Starkey or Quarta330 on the other hand." (label info) CD version on the Japanese Murder Channel label.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2009| AD NOISEAM | 15.90

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