"Electric Dress covers the full spectrum of sound color possibility, from totally brutal walls of destructive noise to beautiful minimal synthetic interplay, analog drone and shifting alien electronics. A total mind melting collaboration recorded live in Tokyo using an array of analog synths and a variety of custom analog equipment, including Merzbow's classic home made spring/junk metal instrument. Edited and mastered by Jim for maximum sonic annihilation. Documents one of nowadays very rare Merzbow's all analog live shows, one of Jim O'Rourke's rare live appearances since his move to Japan and the culmination of Carlos Giffoni's Japan Synth Destruction Tour. Electric Dress is recommended for fans of analog period Merzbow, early noise and Industrial Music, academic electronic and analog synth music-And for those adepts of beautiful and invigorating evil music." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| NO FUN PRODUCTIONS | 12.90

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