Pouhe: The Amorous Line; Beach: Three Browning Songs; Jack Beeson: Death by Owl-Eyes; The You Should of Done It Blues Eldorado; Hugo Weisgall: Four Songs on Poems by Adelaide Crapsey Op 1; Lee Hoiby: Night Songs; Ernst Bacon: Selected Songs to Emily Dickinson. Lyric soprano Carolyn Haefner has long been a champion of American music, and has worked with all the composers featured here (except Mrs. Beach, of course) on these songs. Thus, all the performances here can be considered definitive. Jay Pouhe and Lee Hoiby accompany here on their own songs, and Hugo Weisgall wanted to but couldn't play them all well enough. (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 1992| COMPOSERS RECORDINGS INC. | 6.90

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