"The time-honored tradition of an accomplished jazz artist traveling alone, hooking up with like-minded musicians far off the beaten path, and creating music that approaches or belongs in the first tier of the artist's recordings, is alive and well on Open Spaces. Alto saxophonist François Carrier, drummer Michel Lambert and bassists Michel Donato and Ron Séguin (Donato plays on one track, Séguin on the other two) were more than ready for Dewey Redman on these 1999 performances, recorded live in Québec. They understood that the tenor titan needed little prompting - a pulse, a riff, a notion of a mood - to become engaged and quickly take the music upstairs. On "Going Through," it is a plaintive Carrier line that Redman latches onto; on the title track, it's a half-speed boppish phrase. Regardless of the starting point, Redman glides in when the music approaches a simmer, giving his cohorts a boost without saturating the music. Still, "With The Flow" is perhaps the most revealing track of the date. Redman and Séguin begin with a pensive dialogue that builds with the entries of Carrier and Lambert, culminating in an exciting, thoroughly collective statement. Therein lies Redman's solution to the intrinsic proposition of these situations: How does an artist make an audience feel they have gotten a fulfilling, truly representative performance, while giving his collaborators full franchise? Keep it open; let it build; let everyone flag their flag at the summit. Generosity is not a prerequisite of greatness in jazz; but, it is a common trait among jazz's greats, including Dewey Redman. This rewarding album is ample proof." (point of departure) François Carrier, alto saxophone - Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone - Michel Donato, bass - Ron Séguin, bass - Michel Lambert, drums
in stock | CA| 2006| SPOOL | 9.90

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