"DE GEBRADEN ZWAAN ZINGT is daniel renders' weekly noise radioshow on radio centraal, since 25 years this show has been mixing recycled music, private recordings, broken records, tapeloops, field recordings and a ton of noise! this record is a small collection of recordings made exactly 25 years ago at home in antwerp, using cassetteloops, cassetteplayers whose buttons when pressed in a particular way allowed for variable playback speed, tunrtable (16, 33, 45,78 rpm) whose driving wheel could be deregulated to produce extreme slow playback or complete manual control of the record movement, feedback mechanisms, radio noise, radio signals, piano, copper pipes, cans etc.. very primitive bagger that brings to mind early blockaders etc. comes in a sleeve with 2 photos from 25 years back, with daniel sporting a huge type of mowhawk, an insert with more photo's and liner notes and the poster of the 25 hour long happening that this record was made in conjunction with! limited to 250 copies." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2010| ULTRA ECZEMA | 18.42

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